Modern interior decorations – what are the trends this season?

Modern interior decorations – what’s in vogue now?

Fashion in interior decoration, as in any other field, is changeable. Every season there are new trends that are increasingly effective in displacing the previous ones. Modern interior decorations furnish our homes and apartments, introducing a breath of freshness and novelty. However, nothing prevents us from combining modern trends with classic decorative elements – it all depends on our creativity and tastes.

This season, minimalist style, biophilic design and a return to nature are particularly popular. Minimalism is the use of simple forms, a small number of colors and avoiding unnecessary ornaments. Biophilic design is a trend that emphasizes the connection between man and nature by introducing plants, natural materials and colors into interiors. The trend of returning to nature also includes the inclusion of plant elements in interior decoration, but also the use of natural materials such as wood and stone.

Minimalist style – is less is more?

The basic premise of minimalist style is the principle that less is more. For many people, minimalism is not just a style in interior decoration, but a whole philosophy of life. Minimalism in interior decoration is all about space and orderliness. Limiting the amount of furniture and accessories makes the interior simpler, but at the same time more elegant and functional. Modern decorations for minimalist-style interiors are primarily classic, uncomplicated forms, uniform textures and a subdued color palette.

However, minimalism does not mean the absence of decoration. On the contrary, attention to detail and subtle accessories can give the interior a unique character. Particularly important elements in this aesthetic are carefully selected accessories, which have not only a decorative function, but above all a practical one.

Biophilic style and a return to nature in interior decoration

One of the most interesting trends in interior decoration is biophilic design. This is a concept that combines the interiors of houses and apartments with nature. Modern interior decorations that fit into this trend use natural materials, colors inspired by the colors of nature and, above all, plants. In homes decorated in biophilic design style, we can see potted plants, as well as green walls or elements of plant nature.

Return to nature is a trend that is based on similar assumptions. In both cases, what is natural is most important. Materials such as wood, stone, leather and linen are returning to favor. Natural colors – greens, beiges, browns – are also important in this trend. Both styles bring to the interior the serenity and tranquility found in being close to nature.